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Animal Ag Alliance Releases Extremism Report

The Animal Agriculture Alliance released reports detailing the interconnectedness of the animal rights movement and their tactics targeting animal agriculture.

“No matter the animal rights extremist group or the tactics used, they all share the same goal of eliminating animal agriculture and taking meat, dairy, poultry, eggs, and seafood off grocery store shelves and family tables,” says Abby Kornegay, AAA manager of issues and engagement. Almost one-third of all animal rights extremist attacks documented in 2022 targeted farmers and food workers, putting them and the animals in danger. Some of their documented actions against animal ag include 95 vandalism incidents, 70 stolen animals, 60 criminal trespasses, ten arson cases, and nine harassment and intimidation incidents.

“Extremists are getting ever bolder in their efforts against animal agriculture, and direct actions at the farm, processing facility, and retail store continue rising,” Kornegay adds.

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