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Dutch Farmers’ Advocate Eva Vlaardingerbroek to Headline R-CALF USA Convention

BILLINGS, Mont. – Dutch farmers’ advocate and internationally renowned political commentator, Eva Vlaardingerbroek of Amsterdam, Netherlands, will give a keynote address “The Global War on Farming: Control the Food, Control the People” at R-CALF USA’s 24th Annual National Convention and Trade Show in Rapid City, South Dakota, on Friday, Aug. 18.

Vlaardingerbroek is known worldwide as one of the key voices advocating for farmers and fighting globalism. According to her blog, “Resist Much, Obey Little,” she cites her mission as fighting the eradication of freedom and fundamental rights.

Along with many others, she helped incite change in her home country after years of farmer demonstrations against environmentalist policy directly attacking Dutch farming operations. These actions were heard around the world, as thousands of Dutch farmers drove tractors to the nation’s capital in protest, resulting in election victory for the farmers and their supporters.

Gaining an international following, Vlaardingerbroek has brought attention to the fight against globalism far past the borders of her country and throughout America, Europe, and in other strong agricultural producing countries. After scrolling through both social media and network media, it is evident she understands that these radical environmental policies in the Netherlands are just the start of a globalized effort to control the food supply and those who produce it in the name of saving the planet.

According to R-CALF USA, efforts to control food production and food producers are embodied in the global policies and stated motives of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB). R-CALF USA has long supported the Dutch farmers’ protests and has encouraged U.S. cattle producers to denounce the GRSB’s efforts to shepherd cattle producers onto its environmental, social and governance (ESG) path, which the group says will rob cattle producers of their independence, freedom, and liberty.

“We are grateful that Eva has accepted our invitation to speak directly to the U.S. cattle producers attending our convention about the need to maintain a strong, united front against the global effort to force cattle producers and other livestock producers out of business,” said R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard.

Learn more about the R-CALF USA convention.

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