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Farm Bill Doubtful to Override California’s Prop 12

Farmers and ranchers are slightly more optimistic that Congress will get a new farm bill passed this year. However, Successful Farming says they don’t think the farm bill will get used to overturn California’s Prop 12 animal welfare law.

The pork industry is looking for a legislative way to override the requirement after losing a Supreme Court challenge. About 36 percent of the farmers surveyed in the Purdue University/CME Group’s Ag Economy Barometer say it’s not likely that Congress will overturn Prop 12 in the new farm bill, while 40 percent say they are uncertain about the prospects of a legislative fix.

One-fourth of the farmers in the most recent Purdue Survey say it’s at least somewhat likely that Congress will take on Proposition 12 in new farm bill legislation. In contrast, only 37 percent of farmers say it’s still likely a farm bill will get put into law this year.

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