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Legislation Would Lower the Cost of Biofuel-Blending Compliance

A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants to lower the cost of complying with biofuel-blending mandates. Reuters says legislation was introduced that would direct the White House to let oil refiners purchase compliance credits (RINs) for biofuel blending laws at a lower cost than they’d pay on the open market.

The group behind the bill says it would help struggling refineries stay afloat during a time of upheaval in the energy markets across the globe. Refiners have said for years that the costs of complying with the Renewable Fuel Standard mandates is too high. However, biofuel proponents like ethanol producers and corn farmers say the RFS increases the marketplace for their products.

A news release says under the proposal, refiners could buy those biofuel credits at a fixed price only if they aren’t able to purchase them at cost-effective levels on the open market. The bill’s introduction caused RIN prices to drop.

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