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Methane Emissions Reduction for Beef Cattle

Cargill recently partnered with TREES Consulting to develop a new Gold Standard-approved methodology giving beef producers a way to measure methane emissions reductions.

The methodology uses feed supplements incorporated into beef cattle diets. The new methodology defines a set of parameters that beef producers can adopt to quantify reductions in methane emissions, a greenhouse gas derived from the digestion process in cattle as well as manure handling. It’s now available for beef producers to quantify, audit, and verify methane reductions, enabling them to register their GHG mitigation projects for Gold Standard Certification. Those verified emissions reductions can be traded in carbon markets, allowing credit purchasers to directly support the projects.

“We are committed to finding ways to ensure that producers can get recognized and rewarded for their emissions reduction efforts,” says Margaret Kim, CEO of Gold Standard.

For more information about the new methodology, go to Cargill’s “Feeding Intelligence” site.

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