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Still Mostly Dry in the Weekly Drought Monitor

Heavy rains fell during the week in parts of the Midwest, Ohio River Valley, and the Northeast. That led to widespread improvements from southeast Nebraska to central Illinois and parts of Indiana and Kentucky.

Further south and west, in southern Missouri, the Texas-Louisiana border, and other parts of central Texas, drier weather led to larger precipitation deficits and significant hay production problems in parts of Missouri. Many warmer-than-normal temperatures covered the South as it is blanketed by the continuing heat wave, especially in eastern Texas and Louisiana.

Dry weather in parts of the Upper Midwest led to worsening conditions in parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Conditions in parts of the western Great Plains led to some improvements in long-term dryness and long-term moderate drought in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle region and in western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming.

A mix of worsening and improving conditions occurred in the Pacific Northwest.

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