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Drought Covers 100% of Iowa

A few consecutive dry weeks are giving crops in Iowa varying degrees of drought stress.

An Iowa State University Extension expert says there hasn’t been much measurable rainfall for as many as three weeks in many areas. Prior to that dry spell, Iowa had been getting just enough rain at times to get by. Much of the dry weather came when corn and soybeans entered their reproductive stages, which is when those crops need rain the most. A corn or soybean crop typically needs 20 inches of moisture from rainfall and subsoil moisture to produce a crop.

However, ISU expert Gentry Sorenson told Successful Farming, “We had a couple of counties that didn’t get any substantial soil moisture recharge through this year. ” Over 17 percent of Iowa’s acres are abnormally dry while 52 percent of the state is in D1 moderate drought. D2 severe drought is impacting 26 percent of the state.

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