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Get More Out of Your Cover Crops with Renovo Seed’s™ Rye Cocktails

BROOKINGS, SD (Aug. 24, 2023) – It’s prime cover crop planting season, a time when farmers can feel at a loss when it comes to seed choices. A desire to simplify and improve that decision-making with cover crop mixes that work for both livestock operations and grain farms inspired Renovo Seed’s Rye Cocktail mixes.

Each proprietary mix is anchored with hearty rye, a winter annual and nutrient-catching cover crop workhorse that does well both in the Upper Midwest and Corn Belt states. The Rye Cocktails add other broadleaves and legumes based on a producer’s specific end goal, such as increasing soil biology and plant diversity or decreasing water erosion.

“Cover crops add diversity with multiple species in one planting,” explains Renovo Seed Product Expert Justin Fruechte. “That improves land resiliency and helps mitigate risk stemming from each season’s unique weather, weed, and pest challenges.”

“No matter the situation, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to be covered,” he adds. “Pun intended.”

It starts with a need

Most farmers, ranchers and landowners try a cover crop after being presented with a need — often a livestock farmer in need of feed, according to Fruechte. “If that farmer is going to plant rye as a forage, it makes sense to add something to it to make it work even harder.”

That was the case for David Larson, a row-crop and beef producer in Stevens County, Minnesota. He used the Mellow Maker Rye Cocktail in a field where cattle grazed over winter and corn followed in spring. “The seedbed was much better and more ideal to plant into,” shares Larson. “The corn came out of the ground faster and with a better stand. It tasselled earlier. I even had a slight increase in yield.”

The long-term return on investment is building organic matter, Larson says. “I want the soil to be here for the next couple hundred years and as healthy and productive as possible.”

Those results don’t surprise Fruechte. The Mellow Maker Rye Cocktail is made for acres that need increased water infiltration and decreased compaction. The cocktail’s radish, turnip and rapeseed work together to create alleyways for water to seep into the soil. Species in this mix also work to suppress weeds and keep necessary nutrients in the soil for cash crops.

A smarter way to use cover crops

Renovo Seed’s expert team and robust supply chain have simplified the buying process and taken out the guesswork of trying cover crops. Other cocktail mixes include the All-American, a good all-around mix that builds nitrogen levels for cash crops to utilize, and Winter Wonder that gets fields ready for a green spring and minimizes early weeds.

Farmers, ranchers, and landowners can learn more about how Renovo Seed and its pre-built seed mixes can help mitigate risk, maximize profitability, and establish long-term resiliency at

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