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House Farm Bill Will Address California’s Prop 12

The House Ag Committee Chair says he plans to use the upcoming farm bill to deal with California’s Prop 12 that was upheld by the Supreme Court.

Roll Call says pork producers across the country have said this will lead to patchwork laws between states that will interfere with commerce. At Minnesota’s Farmfest, Glenn “GT” Thompson said the Supreme Court did say in its decision that Congress has the power to address the issues caused by Prop 12. However, Congress has chosen not to deal with those issues in the past. Thompson addressed the audience during a farm bill listening session and said the court let it stand because they’re tired of handling Congressional work.

Thompson didn’t specify if the Ag Committee would write its own legislation or use pending legislation to deal with California’s law. Bills have already been introduced in both congressional chambers that would nullify Prop 12.

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