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Iowa Corn Partners with Kum & Go, Growth Energy on Unleaded 88 Brand

JOHNSTON, Iowa – August 11, 2023 – Iowa Corn is proud to partner with Kum & Go and Growth Energy on Unleaded 88 branding updates at stores across the country. With more and more stores across the nation coming online, there is a growing need to create uniformity for fuel blended with 15% ethanol – represented as Unleaded 88 in the large majority of retail outlets selling this fuel option.

Updating all signage and pump labels with Unleaded 88 will allow Kum & Go to be consistent with other fuel retailers. Not only will this send a clearer signal when choosing fuel options at the pump, but from an Iowa Corn perspective, it will help increase sales of higher blends of ethanol that will support corn farmers across the country.

“We are consistently striving to help consumers understand the value of ethanol, as it’s a low-carbon, homegrown, lower cost fuel, that everyone should have access to,” said Dan Keitzer, a farmer from Mediapolis, Iowa and Chair of the Iowa Corn Industrial Usage and Production Committee. “Iowa Corn farmers continue to build demand for corn in all forms. Ethanol is a top market for Iowa’s corn farmers, and it provides many benefits for drivers and our state. With this brand update, our goal is to cut down on confusion at the pump for drivers to fuel up with the best fuel for their vehicle, Unleaded 88.”

“Growth Energy is pleased to lend support for this effort, as we continue our work to raise awareness on the benefits of higher biofuel blends,” said Growth Energy’s Vice President of Market Development Jake Comer. “Through our Get Biofuel initiative, we have seen strong receptivity among consumers who are looking for a simple change that can save money and reduce carbon emissions and know that a mainstream fuel option like Unleaded 88 promotes greater awareness.”

Kum & Go currently has over 200 locations across the Midwest that offer Unleaded 88 and will offer even more locations in the future.

“We are excited to be partnering with Growth Energy & Iowa Corn to ensure we are providing the best customer experience for our customers and being consistent in the product naming of Unleaded 88,” said Brad Petersen, Kum & Go Director of Fuels.

To find a Kum & Go location that offers Unleaded 88, approved by the EPA for use in all passenger vehicles released after 2001, visit

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