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Potato Exports Break Value and Volume Records

America’s potato exports reached record value and volume between July 2022 and June 2023. Export values rose 19 percent to $2.2 billion, and export volume rose almost four percent to 3.3 million metric tons.

Those export values increased across all categories, including frozen, fresh, dehydrated, seed, and chips. Double-digit increases in value took place in all categories but seed potatoes. The increase in volume was led by dehydrated potatoes and chips, which rose 25 and 11 percent, respectively. During the year, Mexico became America’s largest potato export market for the first time, followed by Canada and Japan. The entire Mexican market opened to fresh U.S. potato exports in May 2022.

The value of exported dehydrated potatoes took the biggest jump, rising 24 percent to reach $257 million. The top destinations for the category were Canada, Japan, and Mexico. Frozen potato exports rose 20 percent in value despite a decrease in volume.

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