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Producers Focus on Needs, As Farm Bill Writers Eye Politics

While Washington politicians are focused on farm bill politics, producers are focused on their needs.

SNAP work requirements, WIC spending cuts, CCC uses, payment limits and more, all politicizing farm bill efforts this year. But down on the farm and ranch, it’s all about the basics. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Policy Vice Chair Tim Schwab who outlined recently on NCBA’s Beltway Beef podcast, his industry’s farm bill priorities.

“The cattle contract library, and another one that I think is very good is the funding for the foot and mouth disease bank there, in Nebraska.” He added, “I think we need to keep the money in there for programs like EQIP, and that’s very important in Indiana, whether we’re building feeding pads or other projects—manure storage buildings—I think all that’s very important.”

A disease safety net, in Schwab’s view; “I think that is so important, to keep that out of our country and have that safety net…and I think traceability’s a very big issue, that I’m really proud to be part of that. I think that’s, just to keep us all in business.”

In case there is an outbreak.

The question now is, will the money be there to maintain and improve producer safety nets…and amid all the farm bill politics, where will it come from.

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