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Training Available to Help Producers Manage Phosphorus Losses

A series of online training modules is now freely available to farmers, interested in designing on-farm systems to remove phosphorus from field runoff or subsurface drainage.

Available on the Internet, the modules comprise seven narrated videos, starting with a basic overview of the need for phosphorus removal systems, followed by how to design, build and install them, as well as how to properly dispose of or recycle the absorbent materials used to help capture the nutrient in drainage water and runoff. Phosphorus is a critical nutrient for optimal plant growth, health and yield. However, phosphorus that leaves agricultural fields in runoff or drainage water can accumulate in bodies of surface water, like rivers and lakes.

Management practices and engineered systems that prevent phosphorus loss are vital to maintaining environmental quality. The modules can help users navigate their way through the process, as well as provide “lessons learned” from the field.

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