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Americans Want Their Food Produced Domestically

A new survey from the American Sugar Alliance shows American voters recognize the importance of agriculture.

The poll says they want Congress to prioritize American farmers in the next farm bill, provide them with a strong and reliable safety net, and protect them from foreign businesses that could displace American farmers and workers and disrupt our national food supply. Almost two-thirds of the respondents in the survey say the nation’s food supply should be less dependent on foreign suppliers. The results cut across political parties and geographical regions. As far as where America should buy its sugar from, eight times as many voters preferred American-made sugar compared to those who preferred imported sugar.

“Clearly, voters value domestic sugar production and don’t want to depend on foreign suppliers for an essential food ingredient,” says Cassie Blaedow, Chair of the American Sugar Alliance. Approximately 11,000 family farmers raise sugar beets and sugarcane.

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