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AngusLinkSM Passes 150,000 Head Enrolled for 2023

AngusLinkSM, the administrator for value-added programs of the American Angus Association®, surpassed 150,000 head of enrolled cattle for 2023 on September 15. This means from 2022 to 2023, participation in AngusLink has increased by more than 300%, reflecting a turning point for its value-added programs.
This milestone comes after the establishment of a collaboration agreement with IMI Global. Since January, IMI Global has worked alongside Association staff to help provide verification services to cattlemen for AngusVerifiedSM and the Genetic Merit ScorecardSM. IMI Global administers the program giving producers a la carte access to IMI’s suite of programs along with AngusLink programs, which can be added individually as well.
AngusVerified documents cattle are from registered Angus bulls, and the Genetic Merit Scorecard draws on the industry’s largest database to quantitatively evaluate calf genetics and project their performance potential from weaning to the packing plant.
“Reaching 150,000 cattle enrollments in the AngusLink programs is really exciting for cattlemen participating now and for those wanting to enroll in the future,” said Troy Marshall, director of commercial industry relations for the Association. “The collaboration with IMI has given us an entirely bigger market and enabled us to align with the No. 1 provider of program verification services for cattle, meaning commercial cattlemen can access more program options with their enrollment.”
Most noticeably, video sales have witnessed a sharp increase of cattle enrolled in AngusLink programs.
“At the video sales on those big days, we see as many as 1 in 4 of the lots for sale being AngusVerified or having a Genetic Merit Scorecard,” Marshall said. “That critical mass has helped with feeders paying much more attention to the AngusLink offerings.”
Board members of the Association said they are pleased to see the program’s growth and premiums being earned by cattlemen based on their investments in registered Angus genetics.
“Some of those cattle sell for $14-15/cwt more on average on top of record-high prices,” said Jim Brinkley, Association board member from Missouri, at August board meeting. “It’s been phenomenal. Hearing feedback from the feeders to the producers, everybody’s getting on board with this.”
– Written by Sarah Kocher, Angus Communications
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