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EPA Resolves Long-Standing ESA Litigation

The U.S. Justice Department, on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency, resolved long-standing litigation covering over 1,000 pesticide products.

The resolution allows EPA to fulfill its obligations to protect endangered species while conducting reviews and approvals of pesticides in a safe and protective manner. In 2011, a lawsuit was filed against EPA alleging it violated the Endangered Species Act when it registered or reevaluated the registration of 382 pesticide active ingredients. A settlement entered in a federal court resolves all outstanding claims.

“The agreement is a win-win to protect endangered species, ensure the availability of pesticides needed to grow food across America, and save considerable time and taxpayer expenses further required to litigate this case,” says Michael Freedhoff of the EPA. “This settlement allows EPA time to fulfill its obligations under the ESA and adopt key elements from the Agency’s 2022 ESA work plan, which has a wide range of stakeholders’ support.”

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