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Farmer Choice and Diverse Genetics Define AgriGold’s 2024 Lineup

WESTFIELD, Ind. (Sept. 18, 2023) – AgriGold will launch 16 new corn hybrids with relative maturities (RMs) ranging from 84 to 120 days as well as five new trait offerings on proven hybrids for the 2024 growing season. That expands AgriGold’s corn portfolio to 82 hybrids.

Because AgriGold recognizes the importance of world-class genetics and genetic diversity on farms, it classifies its hybrids into six Field GX families based on genetic background and agronomic characteristics, which simplifies management, reduces risk and maximizes results for farmers.

Earlier this year, AgriGold launched a new genetic family – Field GX Family J – known for consistency and an ability to perform in many environments. It provides more versatility for northern Corn Belt farmers, and you’ll find a Family J hybrid on the highlight list for 2024. 

Standout corn hybrids
AgriGold is particularly excited about the high-performing full-season hybrids making their debut in 2024. “Late-stage testing has shown these full-season products outyield their 2023 predecessors by 5.1 bushels an acre,” says Steve Schany, brand product manager at AgriGold. “These hybrids will be extremely competitive and industry leaders for farmers in the full-season market.” Hybrids generating a lot of excitement include the following:

  • A629-55VT2RIB (Field GX J) has tremendous yield potential across multiple environments and a unique look. The 99-day RM flexes in kernel length, allowing farmers to match their planting population to their yield goals – a hallmark of the new Field GX J Family.
  • A636-16-5222 (Field GX B) is a 106-day RM with exceptional tar spot tolerance. It’s a must-plant in disease-challenged areas – especially those plagued by corn rootworm. With a consistent ear and kernel-depth flex, this hybrid has tremendous yield potential across many environments.
  • A639-03VT2RIB (Field GX F/H) has an attractive appearance from emergence through harvest. The 109-day RM excels in high-yield environments with excellent southern movement, making it a great choice for southern farmers looking for an earlier option in the full-season market.
  • A644-19-5222 (Field GX F) is a product that’s great for continuous corn acres. This hybrid is truly a first of its kind, an Agrisure® product that performs at high populations and is agronomically sound on the flat, black soils found in the heart of the Corn Belt.
  • A648-11VT2RIB (Field GX G/F) is a 118-day RM workhorse producing a medium-statured, semi-upright plant with industry-leading grain quality and test weight. But don’t let its workhorse status fool you. It will respond on high-management acres.

Freedom of choice a hallmark of our soybean lineup
AgriGold is bringing 13 new Enlist E3® varieties and 11 new XtendFlex® varieties to market for the 2024 growing season, enhancing its soybean portfolio. The brand sells 70 varieties ranging from 0.3 to 6.4 RM in Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, XtendFlex®, Enlist E3® and conventional soybeans. This means farmers can choose the platform that works best for their operation without sacrificing the single seed brand experience.

“This year’s new class of products brings farmers more diversity while fortifying their defenses against disease and pest pressure,” Schany reports. The 2024 lineup includes six new varieties that bring Peking soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistance, improved iron deficiency chlorosis and white mold tolerance, better disease tolerance and standability with late-group Enlist E3® soybeans and the introduction of root-knot resistance for the deep South.

Here are some standouts from the 2024 lineup:

  • G1823E3 adds diversity to the early Enlist® trait marketplace and has the agronomics to be a go-anywhere soybean. It brings Peking SCN resistance to the table and cranks out high yields.
  • G2893E3 is a 2.8 RM variety that brings great diversity to the marketplace. Featuring a beautiful look at harvest and broadly adaptable agronomics, it’s also a good fit for lesser-managed acres.
  • G2950XF comes from a proven pedigree, and its strengths include great standability and top-end yield. It also brings some unusual white mold tolerance to the late Group 2s.
  • G3051E3 has dominated relative to AgriGold’s top performers as well as those of other industry leaders the past two years – leveling up the performance of the Enlist® trait platform. Its strengths include standability and tolerance to wet feet and stress.
  • G3552XF will replace a legacy Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® variety that used to be AgriGold’s top seller. Those are big shoes to fill, but this variety has shown it’s up to the challenge, excelling in high-yield environments and proving it can be broadly adapted.

To learn more about these or other new corn and soybean products making their debut for the 2024 growing season, reach out to your local AgriGold agronomist or district sales manager.

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