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Farms and Ranches Honored at South Dakota State Fair

South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) and the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) celebrated over 40 farms and ranches that have been in the same family for 100 years or more recently at the South Dakota State Fair.

SDFB President Scott VanderWal joined Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden and Sec. of Agriculture and Natural Resources Hunter Roberts to recognize farms and ranches that have been in the same family for 100, 125 and 150 years.

To view photos of those honorees attending, visit and click on “Get Involved” and “Century Farms”.

Centennial (100) 2023

Anderson Family Ranch Burton & Laura Hyde

Bern, Paul James & Margaret Elizabeth Union

Carda, Nancy & David Gregory

Davis, Donna M. (Brewer) Dewey

Glanzer, Susan M. & Richard P. Curt A Glanzer Beadle

Haukaas, Marlin & Marilyn Tripp

Janssen, Susan Rodeen Roberts

Kusser, John & Jerald (K Lazy K Ranch, Inc) Hyde

4K Farms Walworth

Linn, Morris & Andy Meade

McKibben, Daniel Brookings

Paulsen, Steve Codington

Pinkelman, Diane Bon Homme

Ramsell, Douglas K & Jane E Beadle

Revell, Curtis A. Moody

Sharping, Lonnie Brule

Steen, Rose & Gary Codington

VanderWal, Kelly & Vickie Brookings

Ventura, Robyn Lincoln

Waletich Sisters, Inc. Marshall

Whisenant Karla R. Irrevocable Trust Hutchinson

Whisenant, Karla R. Hutchinson

Quasquicentennial (125) 2023

Brehmer Family Farms LLC Walworth

Evans, Carolyn & Frank Marshall

Kienow, Randy & Karen Spink

Lenning, Harlan & Ruth Deuel

Lentsch, Daniel Day

Linn, Morris & Andy Meade

List, Roger & Gladys Yankton

Miller, Kirk & Felicia Union

Overseth-Ruesink Legacy Trust Lincoln

Pinkelman, Diane Bon Homme

Rausch, Jeffrey L. Potter

Renaas, Doyle & Debbie Lake

Steen Rose & Gary & James Haan Codington

Weins, Leonard & Carol Aurora

Zemlicka, Lonnie Codington

Sesquicentennial (150) 2023

Fitch, Robert D. . Lincoln

Monsees, Lyle Minnehaha

Sweeter, Gordon W. Lincoln

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