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More Industry-leading Seed Options for LG Seeds Customers

WESTFIELD, Ind. (Sept. 20, 2023) – LG Seeds will add 28 new corn hybrids ranging from 80- to 118-day relative maturities (RMs) in 2024. The new corn hybrids feature seven different trait offerings – conventional, Roundup Ready®, Agrisure® 3110, VT Double PRO®, Agrisure Duracade® 5222, SmartStax® and SmartStax® PRO.

“From the toughest corn rootworm acres to conventional acres grown for specialty crops, LG Seeds continues to provide industry-leading options to its customers,” says Justin Krell, brand product manager at LG Seeds. A few standouts from the 2024 corn lineup include the following:

  • LG30C98VT2RIB brings a new yield level to the 80-day market and performs well across soil types and geographies. It’s an excellent hybrid for drought-stressed areas that can be moved into western environments.
  • LG48C87VT2RIB produces well in varied yield environments and south of its intended zone, making it suited for broad acre placement. It features a solid agronomic package and excellent tar spot tolerance.
  • LG53C44VT2RIB performs well in central and western environments and has good tolerance to tar spot and stress.
  • LG59C72-5222EZ is a new trait version that provides industry-leading control of above-ground pests, particularly lepidopterans, as well as corn rootworm protection. It provides top-end yield and impressive tar spot ratings.
  • LG64C20-3220EZ & 5222EZ can be adapted east to west across the central Corn Belt. The 114-day RM hybrids with semi-flex ears are well suited for no-till and early planting. LG64C20 is a new yield leader for the maturity group.

Advantages of a strong start
LG Seeds gives farmers more options for diversifying the genetics on their farm, mitigating risk. That diversity also gives farmers the ability to choose seed that fits both their ground and management style.

Regardless of your approach to farming, a strong start is critical to a successful growing season. For that reason, LG Seeds treats all its corn seed with Vayantis® fungicide seed treatment, a powerful mode of action that delivers superior protection against the stand-threatening fungus known as Pythium.

Customers also have the option of coating corn seed with zinc, giving corn plants an added nutritional boost right out of the gate. Its 2022 field trials showed the addition of zinc boosted corn yields an average of 3.11 bushels an acre.  

Giving farmers choice in soybean seed
Twenty-six LG Seeds soybean varieties will make their debut in 2024, giving farmers 70-plus varieties to choose from that have maturities ranging from Group 00 to Group 5. Some of the newcomers include the following:

  • LGS0405E3 is an excellent option for northern geographies that offers Peking resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN).
  • LGS1832E3 has top-end yield potential and superior SCN control with Peking resistance. It comes with a solid agronomic package and can handle variable soils.
  • LGS3588XF produces an attractive plant with excellent standability. This addition to our Group 3 lineup has broad adaptability and solid disease ratings.
  • LGS4654E3 performs in all yield environments and is a yield leader for its maturity group. The 4.5 RM variety provides first crop and double crop options, and it’s a great option for marginal soils.

“Whether the customer needs Enlist E3®, Roundup Ready 2 Extend®, XtendFlex® or conventional soybean seed, we’re able to deliver those trait packages across a wide range of maturities thanks to our relationships with leading breeders,” says Krell. “That gives LG Seeds customers the freedom to choose what’s best for their farm and management style.”  

A reputation for excellence
“LG Seeds has a reputation for consistently delivering agronomically sound, high-yielding products with exceptional grain quality,” says Krell. “It’s something our customers have come to expect. And it’s a legacy that continues with the 2024 lineup.”

Contact your local LG Seeds agronomist or district sales manager for more details about new and existing products and making the best selections for your farm.

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