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NCGA Campaign Call for a Level Playing Field

The National Corn Growers Association launched a grassroots advocacy campaign to encourage the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to provide a level playing field for biofuels like ethanol.

The organization wants corn growers and advocates to make their voices heard by submitting comments to the agency. The campaign comes after NHTSA proposed hiking the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standard, referred to as the CAFÉ Standard. It regulates how much fuel a vehicle consumes per mile. The agency’s current proposal would move the fleet average for small cars and light trucks from 44 to 58 miles per gallon by 2032.

NCGA President Tom Haag says the proposal sets an unattainable goal and concerning precedent. “Auto manufacturers will be forced to overlook viable solutions in high-octane biofuels like corn ethanol to meet these standards,” Haag says. “This would minimize the role biofuels play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving consumers money.”

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