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NDFB Launches Student Membership

NDFB is excited to announce the launch of their Student Membership category. Young people interested in agriculture can now join NDFB and gain access to member benefits and content specific to their needs.

The new membership category helps guide students through their career path in agriculture, providing them with exclusive resources and networking opportunities. The membership costs $20, and student members can access NDFB member benefits.

“I am thrilled to witness NDFB’s dedication to supporting students in their pursuit of agricultural careers,” said NDFB President Daryl Lies. “NDFB recognizes the importance of mentorship and networking in helping young individuals find their path and make informed decisions. Our commitment to nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders speaks volumes about our dedication to the industry’s future.”

By joining NDFB, student members have an opportunity to build their confidence, grow their network through the state and national Farm Bureau, and have insight into agricultural careers.

“With NDFB’s focus on the future of agriculture, the next wave of ag professionals can rest assured that they will receive the guidance and resources needed to excel,” said NDFB President Daryl Lies. “By providing the tools necessary for success, NDFB is paving the way for a brighter future in the industry.”

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NDFB is the most effective general farm and ranch organization in the state of North Dakota, with more than 28,000 member families and 50 organized county Farm Bureaus.

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