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USDA Expands Efforts to Prevent and Reduce Food Waste

The Department of Agriculture Wednesday announced an additional $25 million investment to expand efforts to prevent and reduce food loss and waste. The investment, funded under the American Rescue Plan Act, is part of a joint agency initiative between USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture and USDA’s Office of the Chief Economist.

More than one-third of all available food goes uneaten through loss or waste. When food is tossed aside, so too are opportunities for improved food security, economic growth and environmental prosperity. The funding will support the Community Food Projects, Competitive Grants Program to reduce food loss and waste, get surplus wholesome food to individuals, and develop linkages between food producers, providers and food recovery organizations.

Since 2017, NIFA has committed $123.5 million across 527 projects relating to food loss and waste. This latest investment will expand several of NIFA’s core programs by $25 million, and has awarded $4.3 million in fiscal year 2023.

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