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Alltech Survey Finds Optimism Regarding Sustainable Food System

Agri-food leaders around the world believe the industry can work together to create a better, more sustainable food system. That’s according to the Alltech Sustainability Insights report.

“Our goal was to listen to the voices of our industry and its stakeholders and develop a robust, future-facing program of insights that are relevant, ambitious, and genuinely impactful,” says Tara McCarthy, global vice president of EST at Alltech. Some of the findings include four out of five respondents agreeing that climate change will make food production more difficult, but perspectives differ across regions. Most respondents agree that regulation is putting pressure on all areas of the supply chain.

“Our industry is navigating extraordinary times, but the opportunities for positive impact are even more unprecedented,” says Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “Imagine the possibilities of working toward shared goals of providing nutrition for all, revitalizing economies, and replenishing our natural resources.”

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