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Fertilizer Prices Mostly Higher in September

The Agricultural Marketing Information System’s October “Market Monitor” report says that fertilizer prices were mostly higher in September, as were the prices for the main fertilizer inputs. Farm Policy News from the University of Illinois says price movements for several fertilizer categories were influenced by strength in the Indian market and uncertainty around exports from China.

AMIS also says these two countries will be a major influence on market developments as will demand for the fall application season in the Northern Hemisphere. Fertilizer inputs like natural gas went higher in September. Markets should be focusing on monitoring EU stock levels, which are currently near capacity. Ammonia prices also surged in September, supported by major plant outages. Ammonia buyers also showed unusually strong interest during this time of year that’s normally a quiet period.

Nitrogen fertilizer prices rose in September. Urea price increases were driven by concerns about Chinese export levels.

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