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Growth Energy Welcomes New Chairman of the Board

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Growth Energy, the nation’s largest biofuels trade association, announced the election of Tom Willis as chairman of the association’s board of directors. Willis was previously the board’s treasurer and is CEO of Conestoga Energy Holdings, a leading provider of sustainable, low-carbon ethanol with the capacity to produce more than 200 million gallons annually.

“Growth Energy and its members have always been at the forefront of innovation and that’s never been truer than it is today. We’re building a broad, sector-spanning bioeconomy, poised to provide solutions to any number of economic and environmental challenges,” said Willis. “I’m honored to serve as Growth Energy’s chairman during this exciting time. I look forward to working with our board, our members, and the Growth Energy staff to ensure continued progress for an ever-expanding industry.”

Growth Energy’s outgoing Chairman Dan Sanders, CEO of Front Range Energy, welcomed Willis to the position, noting his strong leadership within the industry and strong background in agriculture. “For years, Tom has been one of our resident experts on how the biofuels industry is delivering on the nation’s energy, environmental, and economic goals,” Sanders said. “Beyond his leadership at Conestoga, he’s farmed hundreds of acres, raised livestock, and was one of the country’s first evangelists for carbon capture technology, which is only growing in popularity and importance for our industry. His leadership, acumen, and vision make him uniquely positioned to take the reins and lead our membership into this next chapter.”

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor also thanked Sanders for his four years of service to the organization. “Dan’s steadfast resolve, his confidence in and commitment to the Growth Energy membership and staff has elevated our organization’s size, stature, and impact. Dan led Growth Energy through the challenges and uncertainty during the pandemic, rounding out his tenure as chairman helping us secure critical tax incentives and continued access to higher blends throughout the last two summer driving seasons,” Skor said. “It has been an honor and a privilege to work closely with him and I speak for the entire Growth Energy community when I say that we’re grateful for his work as chairman.”

The Growth Energy Board of Directors includes biofuels producers of all sizes, advocacy experts, agricultural leaders, and a NASCAR team owner. Learn more about Growth Energy’s Board of Directors here.

Willis’ bio can be found here.

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