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NARA Launches Organics Recycling Information Campaign

NARA, the North American Renderers Association, just released an infographic on Organics Recycling and How Recycling Food Waste with Rendering Creates Value and Ensures Sustainability. The graphic is an educational tool for those who may not be familiar with the rendering process and the sustainability and economic benefits of rendering food waste.

With the passing of Senate Bill 1383 in California in 2022, which requires local governments to collect and recycle organic waste, NARA felt it was critical to release this information publicly. Roughly 50 percent of a meat animal is considered inedible by North Americans. This leaves a lot of leftover material that would end up in landfills and increase greenhouse gas emissions. By diverting this organic meat from landfills and sending it to rendering facilities, it ensures this otherwise wasted material, as well as used cooking oil, is safely, hygienically and sustainably processed into safe and clean rendered material for use in new products – so nothing is wasted.

The graphic is available on the NARA website at

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