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Stopgap Funding Bill Keeps Gov’t Workers On The Job

(Washington, DC) — Millions of federal workers are breathing a sigh of relief after an eleventh hour deal to avoid a government shutdown. President Biden signed a temporary funding bill over the weekend that will fund the government for 45 days. Without it, military members, air traffic controllers and others would have been required to work without a paycheck. Non-essential workers would have been furloughed.

President Biden says he’s glad a government shutdown was averted, but adds that it shouldn’t have come down to the wire like it did. Speaking from the White House Sunday, Biden noted he and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had come to a budget agreement “a few months ago.” The President accused what he referred to as “extreme MAGA Republicans” of trying to walk away from the deal. Biden said the deep spending cuts they were calling for would be “devastating” to “millions of Americans.”

The bill keeps the government funded until November 17th, but does not provide additional funds for Ukraine or border security.

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