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Study Offers Farmer Viewpoint on Precision Tech

A new study from South Dakota State University investigates farmers’ viewpoints on the most influential factor behind adopting new technologies and practices: profitability.

In the study, researchers highlighted eight widely adopted precision ag technologies, including auto-steering and guidance, automatic section control, satellite/aerial imagery, unmanned aerial vehicle/drone imagery, variable rate fertilizer application, variable rate seed and application, variable rate pesticide application and variable rate irrigation application. The most widely adopted precision ag technologies include auto-steering and guidance, which fit under the georeferencing technology category.

Satellite imagery was the next most widely adopted technology, with nearly 60 percent of all farmers having used it. Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles fall under a similar category to satellite imagery. However, drones are much less prevalent, with an adoption rate of 26 percent.

To further facilitate precision ag adoption, the research team noted that financial support during the first few years of adopting a new technology could be beneficial.

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