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AMVAC® GreenSolutions™ Launches BioWake Prime™ to Safeguard Against Corn Rootworm

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 28, 2023  AMVAC® GreenSolutions™ is introducing BioWake Prime™ – the newest addition to the BioWake family of products – to help corn growers safeguard against the damaging effects of corn rootworm.

BioWake Prime is an EPA-registered bioinsecticide, with NewLeaf Symbiotics® microbial PPFM technology that activates corn self-defenses against corn rootworm, offering season-long mitigation of larval feeding to protect yield, reduce the impact of lodging, and improve harvestability.

“Growers are facing heavy pressure from corn rootworm – a pest that causes the most economic damage to corn production annually,” said Ted Walter, U.S. GreenSolutions marketing manager at AMVAC. “BioWake Prime is designed to complement a grower’s existing corn rootworm management strategy by priming plants with biological activity that deters and counteracts root damage caused by corn rootworm larvae.”

BioWake Prime is sold as a co-pack with BioWake™ for Corn, a biological seed lubricant that provides optimal seed singulation, resilience to abiotic stress, enhanced nutrient uptake, and robust root development. BioWake Prime has been shown to increase yield on average by 4.5 bu./A, which is a 5-to-1 ROI.

Growers can easily integrate BioWake Prime into their corn rootworm resistance management strategy. BioWake Prime can be applied to seeds up to 180 days prior to planting.

The BioWake portfolio was established with BioWake for Corn and BioWake™ for Soybeans – all-in-one biological seed lubricants that deliver superior seed flow, singulation, and enhanced seedling vigor from the day of planting. Both products are soy based, which is a cleaner upgrade from traditionally used seed lubricants like talc or graphite.

“The introduction of a new BioWake product into the market showcases the commitment of AMVAC to the biologicals space,” said Walter. “We’re excited to bring in new technologies into the crop protection market.”

For more information about BioWake Prime or other products in the BioWake family, visit To learn more about products from AMVAC GreenSolutions, visit

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