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Consumer Report Highlights Thanksgiving Meal Plans

Approximately 79 percent of Americans are gearing up for a Thanksgiving meal next week. Purdue University’s Consumer Food Insights says among that crowd, 37 percent plan to host the meal, 43 percent have chosen to attend, and the rest plan to dine out during the holiday. Turkey prices are 10-15 percent lower than last year.

However, people are still bracing for higher prices and planning to budget even more for this year’s meal. The report explores consumer food behaviors for the upcoming holiday across different U.S. regions. While turkey is planned to be the centerpiece nationwide, each region has its own traditions. The South is more likely to serve macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and ham.

Meanwhile, pies seem to be a stronger tradition in the Midwest. Many consumers attending or hosting Thanksgiving believe travel costs to get to their preferred destination will be higher this year compared to last year.

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