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Crawford & Davis Release Interim Agriculture Labor Report

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, co-chairs of the Agricultural Labor Working Group, Reps. Rick Crawford (AR-01) and Don Davis (NC-01), released an interim report on the activities of the Working Group and the issues identified from a series of roundtables conducted over the past four months.

“I’m proud to release the Ag Labor Working Group’s interim report which lists our initial findings after months of talking and meeting with stakeholders, farmers, and workers. This report describes the unique challenges facing agricultural labor and the H-2A visa program and how it could impact our food supply and those who help produce it. Based on the information available, it is becoming clear that our agricultural visa policies are in desperate need of reforms. I look forward to continuing to work with Chairman Davis and the rest of the Working Group to develop a final report with commonsense, bipartisan solutions,” said Rep. Crawford.

“The Agriculture Labor Working Group has held a series of working group sessions, where Members spoke with various stakeholders, farmers, and workers to gather information on the challenges farmers and workers face within the H-2A program,” said Rep. Davis. “The Interim Report aims to summarize each session held so far. There is room for Congress to update the H-2A program so our food system can continue to operate and feed and clothe the American people. I look forward to more work with Co-Chairman Crawford and the other Members of the Working Group in crafting a final report that brings forward bipartisan solutions.”

The report can be found on the House Committee on Agriculture website. Over the next several months, Members of the Working Group will meet to discuss potential legislative solutions to the issues identified in the interim report. The Working Group invites interested parties to provide feedback and offer legislative recommendations.

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