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Ever.Ag Launches Enable, a New Capability in the FieldAlytics Platform, Built to Leverage Spatial and Transactional Data

LEWISVILLE, Texas, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ever.Ag, a leader in software for everything agriculture, is proud to announce their latest innovation: FieldAlytics Enable. This addition to the FieldAlytics platform is not just a sales enablement tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that transforms the way sales agronomists work. By integrating rich spatial and transactional data, FieldAlytics Enable goes beyond traditional CRM capabilities, offering a unique and essential resource for the agricultural market.

FieldAlytics Enable is meticulously designed to elevate the performance of sales agronomists. It seamlessly combines sophisticated field visualization and mapping with a full suite of sales functionalities—from sales planning and prospecting to lead qualification, opportunity creation, forecasting, and execution. This powerful tool not only enhances sales productivity but also empowers sales agronomists to offer data-driven solutions, significantly improving the overall customer experience. The actionable insights provided by the data collected and created inside FieldAlytics, plus its capability to integrate with most ERPs, enables sales agronomists to efficiently validate and adjust strategies based on comprehensive historical agronomy data.

“FieldAlytics Enable represents a groundbreaking step in digital agronomy solutions,” explains Mike Moore, President of Agribusiness at Ever.Ag. “It’s the first of its kind to merge spatial and transactional data in a user-friendly application. Our customers’ sales force now has a unified resource for all their data needs, saving them time and simplifying their workflow.”

The efficiency achieved through FieldAlytics Enable is more than just a time-saver; it empowers sales agronomists to focus on what’s truly important: enabling their growers to achieve sustainable success. By leveraging the advanced tools and data-driven insights provided by FieldAlytics Enable, sales agronomists can develop strategies that are not just profitable in the short term but also beneficial for the growers’ long-term objectives. This involves understanding the unique challenges and goals of each grower, and advising on practices that promote long-term soil health, crop yield, and environmental sustainability.

The FieldAlytics Enable journey begins with the sales team and culminates in an enhanced experience for the customer. With its comprehensive range of functions, including data collected spatially to the data collected in your ERP, FieldAlytics Enable is poised to become an indispensable asset in achieving organizational success.

Ever.Ag will be demonstrating FieldAlytics Enable at upcoming industry events, including the ARA Conference November 28-30 in Orlando. To learn more about Enable or see a live demo, visit our Enable information page or connect with our team at events in the coming year.

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