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House Republican Members Urge Swift Farm Bill Passage

Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives are urging the new speaker to pass a farm bill. In a letter last week to Speaker Mike Johnson, a group of 61 members told the speaker, “We urge you and the Conference at-large to be united in ensuring swift passage of a strong Farm Bill.”

The letter notes that more than 92 percent of the nation’s planted acres are represented by Republican Members. Moreover, in 2022, the food and agriculture sectors contributed $7.4 trillion in economic activity, creating 43 million jobs, $2.3 trillion in wages, $718 billion in tax revenue, and $183 billion in exports, stemming from direct, indirect, and induced output.

The lawmakers added, “The Farm Bill is a critical agenda item that must be addressed this Congress.” Before he was elected speaker last week, Johnson revealed a priority list that included a December vote on the farm bill, pledging to “Begin negotiations as soon as possible.”

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