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Iowa Pork Campaign Involves Iowa State Football Players

The Iowa Pork Producers Association has a marketing initiative involving aptly-named Iowa State football players. The campaign is called “Purchase Moore Hamman Bacon.”

The Cyclone players are Myles Purchase, Tyler Moore, Tommy Hamman, and Caleb Bacon. The Iowa Pork Producers original social media post featured a photo of the players with their backs to the camera showing the last names on their jerseys, and several pounds of bacon and ham were pictured on a table behind them. The post has been viewed on X (formerly Twitter) more than 2.6 million times. “We’re overjoyed at the success of the ’Purchase Moore Hamman Bacon’ campaign,” says Iowa Pork Producers President Trish Cook. “We had hoped it would go viral, and it did in a big way.”

The association will donate $4,000 worth of pork to pantries in each player’s hometown. The future of the promotion includes the addition of linebacker Alex Cook

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