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Lallemand Gives Back to Two Rural Communities as This Year’s “Hometown Roots” Contest Winners Announced

MONTREAL, QC – OCTOBER 31, 2023 – Two rural community organizations will  receive $5,000 in financial support. Today, Lallemand Plant Care announced the  winners of this year’s Hometown Roots Family Contest in Montana and North Dakota. 

One grower in each state won the opportunity to support their community by selecting a  hometown organization to receive a $5,000 donation from Lallemand Plant Care.  

Montana winner Charlie Cahill selected the Daniels Memorial Hospital Foundation, and  Jeff Strand, the winner from North Dakota, chose Farm Rescue. 

“As a family-owned company, much like the farms we serve, Lallemand is proud to  support the communities we are part of. This is why we brought back the Hometown  Roots Family Contest for a second year, as a way for us to continue to give back to  growers and their communities,” says Anne Favre, Strategic Marketing Director – USA  & Canada, Lallemand Plant Care. 

During the contest, from November 2022 through May 2023, growers in Montana and  North Dakota had the opportunity to enter by either purchasing Lallemand Plant Care inoculants, including LALFIX® SPHERICAL Granule for pulses and soybeans and LALFIX® PROYIELD LIQUID Soybean, or by writing an essay explaining what farming  means to them and how they would leverage the funds to support their community. 

“With rural roots and rural customers, Lallemand is pleased to have had the opportunity  to give back to the rural communities of Daniels County, MT and Horace, ND through  this contest,” Favre adds.  


“Rural healthcare is a challenging environment. Although we all value healthcare,  without a population base it is difficult to provide basic care to a rural community. This  donation will assist our goal of building a new hospital in Daniels County. Thank you  Lallemand, for holding the Hometown Roots Family Contest, and thanks to my local Co op, PRO Co-op, for entering my farm in the contest. I believe in investing in my local  community as does my local Co-op. I am thankful I am able to channel money from  Lallemand to assist.” 

Charlie Cahill, Montana contest winner

“As someone who has deep roots in farming, I know Farm Rescue helps farmers in  need. I recently had a family member in need of help seeding their crop, and Farm  Rescue was there to help them. If there wasn’t an organization like Farm Rescue, farmers run the risk of not being able to seed and harvest their crops. Thank you  Lallemand for this generous donation to Farm Rescue. It’s companies like you that help  current and future generations of farmers.” 

Jeff Strand, North Dakota contest winner  

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