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NDFB President: Have We Lost Our Way

NDFB President Daryl Lies raised a thought-provoking question as he addressed attendees at the kick-off of the 81st Annual Meeting, taking place on November 17-18 at the Holiday Inn in Fargo. “Have we lost our way?” queried Lies, setting the tone for discussions on policy that will shape the organization’s path in the coming year.

Reflecting on the historical context exhibited by the men who fought for our nation’s freedom and the unwavering support from women and families on the home front, “They were not confused,” he said.  However, he noted our contemporary landscape is characterized by confusion. “Today we have much confusion across our country. We have confusion whether we should stand for our God-given rights. Have we lost our way?” questioned Lies.

Lies highlighted the susceptibility of a confused public to external control, emphasizing, “When people are confused, it’s easier to control them.” He reassured the audience that NDFB remains resolute in its commitment to foundational principles. “I can tell you one thing: we have not lost our way at NDFB. We have not strayed from those founding principles. We have not strayed. We stand up daily for your rights.”

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to represent the nation’s farmers and ranchers, Lies underscored the enduring significance of agriculture, labeling it as the backbone of the country. “The longest-running tradition is agriculture in this country,” he asserted. “It’s the backbone of our country and for sure in North Dakota. We will stand up for that each and every day.”

Addressing attendees as representatives of their counties, Lies encouraged them to share in the celebration of what NDFB stands for and to amplify the voices of their communities. Acknowledging the sacrifices of those at home working on behalf of agriculture, Lies reinforced the organization’s clarity of purpose. “We (NDFB) aren’t confused. We haven’t lost our way. We will continue moving forward as our Farm Bureau beliefs guide us.”

Lies has been president of NDFB since 2015. He is from Douglas, N.D. and raises hogs, sheep, and goats with an emphasis in show animals. He is the owner of Full Flavor Farms, Daryl’s Racing Pigs and serves as a radio host.

The annual meeting will continue through Saturday, wrapping up with an evening banquet.

NDFB is the most effective general farm and ranch organization in the state of North Dakota, with more than 28,000 member families and 50 organized county Farm Bureaus.

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