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RFA Partners with Girls Auto Clinic for Ethanol Education

The Renewable Fuels Association has partnered with the Girls Auto Clinic to lead the way in bringing ethanol education and promotion to a new and growing audience: women who are actively interested in auto purchasing, maintenance, and repair.

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Patrice Banks, Girls Auto Clinic builds and provides tools to drive knowledge and engagement to women, or “shecanics,” to own their automotive experiences. GAC empowers women to be fully engaged and confident in purchasing and managing their vehicles, while also increasing the presence of women successfully and happily employed within the automotive industry.

“The Girls Auto Clinic Car Care Workshop is an in-depth, interactive and fun way for women to learn about their cars, what maintenance they can do to prolong the life of their car (and save money), how to talk to a mechanic, and what to do in an emergency,” said Banks, GAC’s CEO and founder. “And now, with RFA’s backing, we can extend our reach, empowering more women across the country to become confident drivers and smart consumers.”

“We’re looking forward to working with Girls Auto Clinic, which does terrific work in expanding automotive knowledge and confidence to more women,” said RFA Vice President for Industry Relations Robert White. “It’s important for all consumers to understand the value of American-made ethanol, as it provides critical cost savings for families and benefits for the climate and the air we breathe. It’s also critical that all drivers understand the advantages and proper uses of higher-level blends like E15 and flex fuels like E85. Patrice and her team are the perfect partner for this effort.”

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