Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Sheep Industry Annual Convention to Discuss Important Topics

The 2024 American Sheep Industry Association’s Annual Convention will offer producers a closer look at two pieces of legislation that will greatly affect the industry.

The opening session will feature officials from congressional agriculture committees discussing the new farm bill. Whether it’s passed by then or still getting hashed out, there will be plenty to talk about for America’s sheep producers. The speaker on January 13 from Superior Farms will talk about a petition in the city of Denver to prohibit the processing of livestock within city limits. If it passes, the petition will force the closure of Superior Farms’ lamb processing plant just minutes from the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel where the ASI convention takes place.

“If they can pass such legislation in Denver, where they have as rich a livestock history as any in the American West, they can pass it anywhere in America,” says ASI Executive Director Peter Orwick.

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