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Shell Eggs Broken Down 1% from Last Year

USDA’s latest monthly Egg Products report shows shell eggs broken is down one percent from last year. Released this week by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, the report tracks eggs cracked by processors for egg products, including liquid whole egg, liquid whites, liquid yolk, and dried product.

Shell eggs broken totaled 198 million dozen during July 2022, down one percent from July a year ago, and two percent below the 202 million dozen broken during the previous month. During calendar year 2022 through July, shell eggs broken totaled 1.38 billion dozen, up six percent from the comparable period in 2021. To date, cumulative total edible product from eggs broken in 2022 was 1.76 billion pounds, up six percent from 2021.

Meanwhile, overall demand for shell eggs is mixed with most interest from marketers looking to build their stocks in anticipation of increased consumer demand into early November and the start of the Thanksgiving demand season for baking.

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