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Stine Seed and Pattern Ag Join Forces to Revolutionize Corn Rootworm Protection

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (November 15, 2023) – Pattern Ag, a pioneer in Predictive Ag, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Stine Seed, a leading provider of premium seeds and genetics. Together, they are introducing an innovative solution designed to address the ever-present threat of corn rootworm, one of the most destructive soil-borne pests in the United States. The result of this collaboration is the Stine Prescriptive Pathogen Report, a pioneering tool that promises to accurately predict and mitigate future risks associated with corn rootworm infestations.
Each year, corn rootworm infestations lead to substantial yield losses across the U.S., making it crucial for farmers to pinpoint when and where corn rootworm protection is needed. The Prescriptive Pathogen Report leverages Pattern Ag’s highly sensitive and specific testing capabilities, providing a reliable method for predicting field pressure and economic risk for the upcoming season. By measuring DNA in the soil, this test detects the presence and abundance of target organisms, offering predictive insights with a remarkable accuracy rate of 90%.
Myron Stine, President of Stine, remarked on the groundbreaking partnership. “In the world of agriculture, knowledge is power. Our collaboration with Pattern Ag and the introduction of the Prescriptive Pathogen Report will empower our customers with the knowledge they need to make smarter, more informed decisions about their crops, ensuring they have the tools to protect their yields and grow with confidence.”
In a show of commitment to its customers, Stine is offering the Prescriptive Pathogen Report at a special discounted price to its Corn Loyalty level customers. The cost of this service is covered in part by Stine, making this invaluable tool accessible and affordable. This initiative aligns with Stine’s vision of developing the highest-yield corn and soybean seed and using this cutting-edge technology to help farmers make informed decisions for their operations.
Stine has emerged as a pioneer in harnessing Pattern Ag’s predictive soil analysis not merely as a reactive measure but as a proactive, strategic approach. This partnership empowers Stine to engage in more insightful conversations with their customers about pest risks, enabling a more accurate assessment of crop protection measures. The result is better management of yield and quality outcomes in the fields.
Mike Tweedy, Vice President of Sales for Pattern Ag, highlighted the significance of Stine Seed partnering with Pattern Ag, stating, “Our collaboration with Stine Seed is a game-changing moment for agriculture. By combining Stine’s renowned expertise in seeds with Pattern Ag’s cutting-edge analytics, we are ushering in a new era of data-driven, prescriptive farming. This partnership will empower farmers to make smarter, more strategic decisions, ultimately increasing their yields and profitability and elevating the entire industry.”
Together, Pattern Ag and Stine are redefining the landscape of corn rootworm protection. By leveraging innovative technology and expert insights, they are providing farmers with the tools they need to secure their agricultural investments, boost productivity and thrive in an ever-evolving agricultural environment.
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