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USMEF Highlights Export Successes

The U.S. Meat Export Federation recently wrapped up its Strategic Planning Conference. John Hinners, senior vice president of industry relations, says some of the highlights at the conference included good news for pork exports.

Hinners says, “We’re certainly talking about pork exports from the U.S., globally, are exceptional. I think it’s an exciting time. We’re exporting roughly 30 percent of our product outside the United States, and you go back many years ago, we were a net importer of pork. Certainly, that was a discussion point. We’re looking at what the red meat exports bring in terms of its relationship to corn and soybean exports, and the partnerships that we have there.”

Breaking into more markets was another important topic at the meeting. Hinners says, “What are some of the emerging markets, and what can they bring to the table? And certainly, when you look at Africa and the young demographics of 1.4 billion people, they’re going to eat higher on the food chain. And who’s going to be at the table to help feed them, and how we’re going to get rewarded for that protein? I think the United States is building a track record throughout Africa to put U.S. meat on the world’s table.”

They’re also looking at ways of reestablishing business in countries where exports had been successful during the pre-COVID years.

Hinners says, “A number of really excellent speakers on board talking about this global economy, talking about how we get back into the food service business, and what the recovery time looks like in Asia as compared to where we already have recovered in Latin America?”

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