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Justice Department, FTC Approve 2023 Merger Guidelines

Agribusiness mergers have been a concern for agriculture because they cut down on competition and lead to higher prices for things like inputs.

The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission issued the 2023 Merger Guidelines describing the factors and frameworks the agencies utilize when reviewing mergers and acquisitions. The new guidelines were released after a two-year process of public engagement and reflect modern market realities and the experience of participants in the marketplace.

“These finalized guidelines provide transparency into how the Justice Department is protecting the American people from ways in which unlawful, anticompetitive practices manifest themselves in the modern economy,” says Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The department also says that competitive markets and economic opportunity for all Americans go hand in hand. Garland was grateful to hear from authors, nurses, farmers, and other concerned citizens from across the country.

“Merger enforcement will be better as a result,” he said.

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