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Missing Cattle in Bennett County, SD

Story by Jody Heemstra, DRG News, Pierre

The South Dakota Brand Board and the Bennett County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the theft of over 250 head of cattle in the Martin, SD, area.

Information from the Brand Board says the 108 cows and 150 calves are Black Angus or Red Angus and are missing from a location 16 miles west of Martin. The cows are 2-4 years old.

A social media post by the Bennett County Sheriff’s Office says the herd owners, Schultes Ranch, LLC, of Howes, SD, are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the recovery of these animals. Additionally, the South Dakota Brand Board “may pay up to $5000 to any person who provides information leading to the conviction of any person for the crime of stealing livestock which are branded with a registered brand with the board.”

Brand Board Director Debbie Trapp says it’s not uncommon for November to be a busy month for reports of cattle being missing.

Most of the cows and calves have a “lazy reverse E, sitting Y” brand on their right hip. There is a few with an “L7-stacked, 7-7 side by side” brand on their left hip.

Anyone with information should contact the Bennett County Sheriff’s Office at 605-685-6516 or 605-842-1014. You can see images of the brands on these and other cattle reported missing last month (Nov. 2023) by going to this story on the News page at

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