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More Consumers Are Purchasing and Embracing the Benefits of Plant-Based Products

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) today released the findings of its annual consumer research program, revealing trends in consumer attitudes and awareness of products made from renewable inputs like corn, soy, and hemp. This year’s report shows strong interest in plant-based products and highlights how the industry is meeting consumer demand for quality sustainable products – with 80% of consumers reporting they would consider purchasing plant-based products.

“This year’s consumer research findings show that more and more American consumers are making informed decisions about buying and using plant-based products,” says PBPC Executive Director James Glueck. “Awareness and familiarity of the benefits of plant-based products continues to rise and is something both sides of the aisle agree on – there is little divergence in opinion based on party. At least two-thirds of Republicans and Democrats surveyed support federal laws and tax breaks to incentivize companies to create more plant-based products and materials.”

A majority of consumers are planning on purchasing a plant-based product in the near future and overall consumers are more likely to think highly of stakeholders who make, utilize, or support the industry:

  • 84% of consumers are likely to purchase plant-based products.
  • 81% of consumers are likely to support companies using/producing plant-based materials.
  • 80% of consumers agree that products and materials made from plants are sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • 79% of consumers are likely to recommend plant-based products.
  • 71% of consumers support federal incentives for plant-based products, an 8% increase since 2022.
  • Consumer familiarity with plant-based products has increased 10% since 2020 and is now at 66%.
  • 61% of consumers view farmers and the agricultural industry more favorably as a result of plant-based products.

Of the types of plant-based products currently on the market:

  • 84% of consumers are interested in purchasing paper products (toilet paper, tissues, napkins, etc.).
  • 83% of consumers are interested in purchasing disposable food service ware.
  • 82% of consumers are interested in purchasing bottles and cartons.
  • 81% of consumers are interested in purchasing personal care products (lotions, cosmetics, etc.).
  • 80% of consumers are interested in purchasing food shrink wrap and storage bags.
  • 80% of consumers are interested in purchasing clothing.

According to the 2023 findings, consumers cited quality, recyclability, biodegradability, and the environment as the top reasons for purchasing a plant-based product.


PBPC’s 2023 consumer research was conducted by Cygnal. This survey was conducted Sept. 12-18, 2023, with 1,038 adults living in U.S., using an online survey platform where opted-in panelists were able to participate by secure invitations sent by online panel providers. A survey fraud detection service was utilized to ensure that each respondent was unique.

View the Results

View the public results of the 2023 research study here. The full study is accessible only to PBPC members. For more information about PBPC membership, please contact For more information on PBPC’s 2023 consumer research, please contact

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