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New Year’s Ag Innovation Trends

As agriculture looks to 2024, AgriThority, a Kansas City company, put together its top ten trends for the new year. The company is seeing some consistency from prior years but some emerging trends as well.

The first is a push for more biologicals and biostimulants, comparing them to what seed treatments were in the 1990s. The biostimulant market should reach $6.8 billion by 2028.

They say climate-smart farming will get smarter as measurements behind the carbon market continue maturing. AgriThority says precision ag will continue evolving with the onset of AI. They do note that regulations are not evolving at the same rate as innovation in agriculture.

The company’s top ten also says sustainability isn’t going away, plus soil health will continue evolving. Artificial intelligence will likely be more present in agriculture next year. They call 2024 a “shakeout year” as companies will make moves for the future as competition increases.

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