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Policy Set by Ohio Farm Bureau Delegates at 105th Annual Meeting

COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) – Farmland preservation and development pressure were just a few of the important topics discussed by the delegates at Ohio Farm Bureau’s 105th annual meeting. In all, 359 delegates representing all county Farm Bureaus participated in the debate and discussion.

“The passion of our members is evidenced by the rigorous discussion and thought our delegates dedicate to policy as the core of our grassroots organization,” said Ohio Farm Bureau Vice President of Public Policy Jack Irvin. “As the members have set our policy, it is now our job to advocate at the Statehouse and in Washington, D.C., on behalf of them and all of Ohio agriculture.”

New federal policy included important considerations for the use of artificial intelligence within the agricultural industry. This included considerations for data privacy, security and ownership, and necessary regulatory parameters for the use and development of AI. Delegates also supported new policy supporting regulation of community solar projects, including issues local governments can consider as they address siting ordinances and rules. Delegates also expressed their support for prioritizing the use of non-agricultural land for wind and solar projects.

Policy to combat feral swine was added, which support prohibitions on importing, releasing, maintaining, or recreationally hunting feral swine. Delegates also discussed the issue of livestock shows, and supported the use of Food and Drug Administration and Food Residue Avoidance Databank standards for the enforcement of livestock exhibition rules.

Responding to recent disaster events, delegates discussed and supported the importance of local emergency management agencies engaging with the agricultural community to appropriately prepare for emergencies. The organization also supported long-time monitoring and assessment of air, land, plant and water resources in a designated disaster impact area.

More than 750 members and guests attended the meeting in Columbus Dec. 7-8. Ohio Farm Bureau’s mission is working together for Ohio farmers to advance agriculture and strengthen the state’s communities.

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