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Consumers to Focus on Labels in 2024

The International Food Information Council’s annual food trends forecast predicts consumers will focus more on label claims this year. The report suggests the industry should expect a heightened emphasis on transparent food labeling, empowering shoppers to make informed decisions about the foods and beverages they consume.

Labels such as clean, cold-pressed, and fermented, which consumers associate with healthfulness, will continue to be at the forefront. Actions by the Food and Drug Administration are bringing Americans closer to an updated definition of a “healthy” food. As far as consumers are concerned, the most common attributes they believe define a healthy food are fresh, low in sugar and good source of protein.

IFIC’s Kris Sollid says, “Front-of-Package nutrition labeling will be a major focus in 2024 as U.S. food regulators roll out a new labeling proposal to help shoppers make easier, quicker, and healthier food decisions.” The proposal will spur a national conversation about the importance of reading food labels and the factors beyond labeling that influence personal food choices.

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