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Farm Bureau Details 2024 Priorities Ahead of Annual Convention

The American Farm Bureau Federation has a myriad of policy priorities for the new year. AFBF President Zippy Duvall says the top priority is getting a Farm Bill passed in 2024.

Duvall says, “Well, it’s critical that Congress pass a bipartisan farm bill early this year. We can’t afford any further delays in getting an updated farm bill that would address our modern challenges facing our farmers and ranchers across America. The Farm Bill matters well beyond the farm. It addresses food security, sustainability to nutrition programs, and all of these programs benefit the nation as a whole.”

AFBF will host the American Farm Bureau Convention January 19-24 in Salt Lake City, where other 2024 priorities will be established.

Duvall says, “The priorities will be determined by our voting delegates later this month at our annual convention in Salt Lake City, but we will continue to work with Congress to address the labor challenges facing our farmers. We have a labor shortage and unsustainable wage rate hikes that really are the biggest limiting factor to the growth of American agriculture. We also need to create new and expand the current trade agreements, and we have resolved to keep defending farms and ranches from the burdensome overreach of regulations from our federal government.”

Duvall says there’s still time to plan your trip to attend Farm Bureau’s annual convention. He says, “At this convention, it’ll give them a great opportunity to hear from inspirational speakers, fellowship with other Farm Bureau members, and even become a new member of our organization. We have a great story to share about agriculture and that story will be on full display at Salt Lake City.”

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