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Hawaii Producers Hit Hard by Wildfires and High Winds

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service estimates that Hawaiian producers incurred $23.1 million in economic loss and damages from wildfires and high winds in August 2023. Those losses include the reduction of agricultural sales due to damages to markets or reduced customers, reduced agritourism income between August and December, livestock deaths, damaged or destroyed crops, and property damages.

Producers estimate they lost $5.2 million in sales revenue, lost $3.9 million in agritourism revenue, lost $75,000 worth of livestock, suffered $5.4 million in crop damages, and $8.5 million in property damage. Producers reported that 7,850 acres of pasture were damaged by the wildfires and high winds. Livestock deaths included cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, honeybee colonies, horses, and alpacas. Producers reported damage to floriculture and vegetable crops, some bananas, coffee, and other fruit crops.

The $8.5 million in property damage included buildings, vehicles, irrigation equipment, farm machinery, fences, and other structures like water tanks.

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