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Lindsay Corporation Unveils Next Generation User Interface for Precision Irrigation Management

OMAHA, Neb. – Artificial intelligence (AI) and other new technologies mean farmers today can control their irrigation with unprecedented speed and efficiency. However, as systems become more complex, those farmers need clear and easy-to-use tools to take full advantage of these benefits.

Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN), a leading global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, today unveiled a new user interface for its FieldNET™ platform, part of a remote monitoring and control solution for any brand of center pivot irrigation, providing farmers with assistance from routine monitoring up to and including industry-leading, highly sophisticated agronomic recommendations for irrigation via FieldNET Advisor™. The FieldNET NextGen™ user interface sets new standards in irrigation water management, offering growers and agricultural professionals clear, concise analyses of thousands of data points processed in real time. Maps, graphics and an intuitive mobile app mean farmers can quickly assess their needs to make informed decisions and to make those changes remotely.

FieldNET NextGen has been in Beta for more than a year, with thousands of hours of real-world use from farmers across the globe. Input from those farmers has guided the development of this user interface.

“Our FieldNET platform monitors fields and creates recommendations for farmers by processing thousands of points of data, from soil metrics to weather to historical trends and more,” said Gustavo Oberto, Lindsay Corporation’s President of Global Irrigation. “But that data is only useful if it’s easily understood. With FieldNET NextGen, farmers can tell at a glance, from any location, how their irrigation system is performing. They can make adjustments quickly to ensure their operation is as efficient as possible.”

Key features of the new FieldNET NextGen:

  • Intuitive, Responsive Interface and Experience: The redesigned user interface uses easy-to-understand maps and graphics to provide a comprehensive overview of irrigation systems and field conditions at a glance. Growers can effortlessly access critical information and make data-driven decisions customized to maximize their yields and save time.
  • Enhanced Mapping and Visualization: State-of-the-art mapping, including satellite imagery, enables users to geographically visualize and interact with their irrigation systems and fields. With FieldNET Advisor, growers can monitor irrigation patterns, soil moisture levels and other vital factors influencing irrigation and crop performance with unprecedented precision.
  • Intelligent Reporting and Analytics: AI means Lindsay’s platform understands how to use real-time data and learn from historical trends to drive insights and personalized recommendations. The platform helps users make informed decisions that conserve water resources and enhance overall operational efficiency.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: With the new FieldNET NextGen, growers gain complete visibility and control over their irrigation systems with a consolidated, single platform, accessible from anywhere, at any time. With remote monitoring and management of field operations, users can adjust irrigation settings, swiftly detect and resolve issues, and reduce labor and travel costs.

For growers like Levi and Jena Ochsner of Sutton, Neb., the upgrade incorporates key feedback they have shared with Lindsay since enabling their entire operation with FieldNET last growing season. “The thing I like the most about Lindsay is that they truly care what we think and say as a farmer,” Levi Ochsner shared. “They’re constantly trying to make things better, and they don’t just say that, they’re launching a whole new platform.” Jena shares the benefits of the new system and FieldNET integration, stating “The time is the biggest thing for me, especially as a mom. Summer is when we make our most fun memories and to have the father of my kids there with them, that’s just very important to us. It has been a total gift to have a lot of that time given back.”

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